Our Vineyard

Slate Run Vineyard grows 60 varieties of grapes on 4 acres of vineyard. We have a wide variety of hybrid and Vinifera grapes growing to provide a complex array of flavors to make our proprietary wines. We grow grape varieties hybridized in France (ie.French Hybrids), Germany (at Geisenheim), Hungary, and USA (Cornell & Arkansas). Vinifera varieties have origination in France (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon), in Germany (Riesling, Kerner), and USA (Carmine). We have a unique (and hostile) climate in this area of Ohio. Winters can be very cold and some varieties need winter protection. Summers can be very hot and humid. This requires growing systems that are modified from others to provide the best success. What this means is that Slate Run Vineyard is a winegrower that produces unique proprietary wines.

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